•  What area do you cover?
Most of our work is in Dorset and Wiltshire
•  I have a magazine picture of something I like, do you only produce to your own designs?
We are always happy to discuss something a client has seen
•  What are your lead times?
This depends on the workload in the workshop but we will do our absolute best to work to a specific date
•  We had a kitchen quote from a sales person at a large High Street company who wasn't involved in the design, making or fitting of the kitchen
We employ no pushy sales people. The only members of our team who come out on home visits and quotes are Johnny Evans (owner/designer/maker) and/or Natalie Evans (Interior Designer)
•  I am working to a tight budget
It is very useful to know if a client has a limited budget. There are a number of ways we can help clients to save costs
•  I would like a new kitchen but don't know where to start
Give us a ring and we will come and meet you in your home, listen to any ideas you may have and advise you on what to do next