About JDK Kitchens and Joinery

We are a small team of highly-skilled, dedicated professionals with backgrounds in traditional joinery and woodworking.  These traditional skills are complemented by our Interior Designer who, using state of the art CAD software, can magic your designs to life. 

Jonny from JD Kitchesna dn joinery SHowroom and Van

The advantages of bespoke cabinetry:

Unlike off-the-shelf kitchen units that come in set sizes, each piece of our bespoke cabinetry is designed to fit a particular space. Our kitchens usually include cabinetry of widely differing shapes and dimensions to ensure that every inch of space is used. This is particularly useful for awkward areas.
Unlike factory produced units, our cabinets are all made by hand by skilled craftsmen whose attention to detail ensures every piece is of the best possible quality and built to last a lifetime.
Bespoke cabinetry also gives you endless possibilities of style and colour. If this all sounds expensive, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! We offer a wide range of different cabinetry and worktops to suit all budgets. Give us a ring and make an appointment to visit our showroom to see the quality and choice we can offer you.


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